Silver Jubilee Fund

During its Silver Jubilee Year (2014-15) the Forum on Contemporary Theory will be trying to organize at least 5 regional seminars across India . As its membership is spread across the country, we will hold one seminar in each region, which will be organized by a senior member from that region on a theme relevant to the Forumís academic emphasis. As you know, the grant from the Ford Foundation has come to an end on September 30, 2013. After September the Forum will have no substantial funding for these events. Therefore we have thought of a fundraising drive from the Forum members and well-wishers to meet the expenses during the Silver Jubilee Year. We are sending out this appeal to all of you to contribute whatever amount you can spare to its Silver Jubilee Fund. The cheque or bank draft favoring Forum on Contemporary Theory may be sent to its address printed on this Newsletter. The amount collected for this Fund will be spent on the programs planned for the Year. Fifty percent of your donation will is eligible for income tax exemption under the 80G provision of the Income Tax Act. As members of the Forum and beneficiaries of its activities each of you can act as Forumís ambassador to spread this message across your friends and acquaintances who might be interested in contributing to this cause.