Occasional Lecture Program

 Frederic Vandenberghe, a Belgian Social Theorist living and working in Rio, delivered a talk titled: “Neo-Classical Social Theory: Toward a New Synthesis in the Social Sciences” on Monday, 13 January 2014 at 4 pm at the Centre as part of the occasional lecture series of the Forum. Concerned with the fragmentation within the social sciences Vandenberghe called for a new theoretical synthesis. Over and against rational choice approaches, his analysis revolved around the symbolic and moral dimension of social life. In dialogue with the so-called Studies (cultural, gender, postcolonial studies, etc.) and recent developments in moral and political philosophy (ethics of care, recognition theory, etc.), the talk outlined the contours of an anti-utilitarian social theory of action.  

Frederic Vandenberghe


 Frederic Vandenberghe has lived in many places in the world, and worked with Habermas in Frankfurt . He wrote his ph. D. in Paris on theories of reification in German social theory, basically from Hegel to Habermas. Vandenberghe has also written a book on Simmel, another one on biotechnologies. His latest book, What’s Critical About Critical Theory? Essays in Reconstructive Social Theory will be published by Routledge.