J. Daniel Elam, Fulbright-Nehru Researcher and a Ph.D. candidate in the Rhetoric and Public Culture Program at Northwestern University, Illinois, USA made a presentation on the topic A Son of Mother India in America: Dhan Gopal Mukerji and the Ethics of Representation” on 28 March 2012. He argued that Mukerji’s work, especially when situated in the context of interwar leftist and internationalist thought, most richly engages with an ethics of representation. By analyzing Caste and Outcast (1923), My Brother’s Face (1924), and A Son of Mother India Answers (1928), Elam argued for Mukerji’s new interpretations of the idea of ‘ India ’ through his writing. Elam ’s work focuses on the ethics of Indian, African, and African-American leftist thought in the early decades of the twentieth century and draws on theories of circulation and cosmopolitanism to show the historical and literary connections between these three bodies of thought.