The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Inaugural Issue - 1991



The Rise of Hermeneutics and the Crisis of Ocularcentrism
- Martin Jay

Modernity and Postmodernity
- Fred Dallmayr

Heidegger and the Question of History
- Dilip Naik

F.R. Levis's 'Romantic Connection'
- Heren Gohain

Feminism and / as Myth : Feminist Literary Theory
between Frye and Barthes
- Barbara Godard

Feminism and Frankenstein : A Short History of
American Feminist Criticism
- Catherine Gallagher & Elizabeth Young

The Stunting Lebensraum : Sudhir Kakar
and the Subject of Postcoloniality
- D. Vienkat Rao

Anthills of the
Savannah : The Problematics of Power/
Discourse in the
Third World Post-colonial Context
- TRS Sharma

Ideology , the Film Noir and Hitchock's "Psycho"
- Dilip Das