The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Issue - 1992


 Western Thought and Indian Thought: A Comparison
Fred Dallmayr
 Residual or Emergent:Critiquing Raymond Williams's
 The Country and the City
 Fortunate Travelling: Location, Theory and
 Post-Colonial Identity
Vivek Dhareshwar
 The Colonized as Colonizers and Colonizers
 as the Colonized: An Imaginary Dialogue
Makarand Paranjape
 The Pathemata of Everyday Life and the Academy
Aniket Jaaware
 The Politics of Gender in Indian Classical Music:
 The Kheyal and Thumri Traditions
Alaknanda Patel
 Philosophy and Root Metaphors
P.T.Saroja Sundararajan
 Critical Exchange: "F.R.Leavis's
 'Romantic Connection' "
M.Sridhar and Hiren Gohain