The Journal of Contemporary Thought
 Issue - 1994
Special Section on Flannery O'Connor


Sura P. Rath (  Special Editor  )

Healing the Cultural Divides: Reading
"A Good Man is Hard to Find"
Robert Donaboo

Flannery O'Connor's Echoing Voices in
The Violent Bear It Away
Katherine Piller Beutel

"Another Room and Another Women":
Men, Women and Flannery O'Connor
Brian Abel Ragen

" 'Just Give Me Some of Him' " : Musculinity,
Femininity,and Religious Conversion in Flannery
O'Connor's Wise Blood
Dean Shackelford

Filming Hazel Motes : John Huston's
Interpretation of O'Connor's Wise Blood
Gina Herring

Driving Miss Flannery : Automobiles in
O'Connor's Short Stories
Roger N. Casey


Culture and Global Development
Fred Dallmayr

Equity in a Modern Society
I. G. Patel

Resentment As Critical Position :
The Post-Colonial Critic
Nandana Dutta

" New " New Criticism : A Lineage of Affinities
Anabite Contractor

Spivak on the Value of Marx
Sanil. V

Critical Exchange : Theory and the
Question of Ethics
K. Sreenivas, Deepa Patnaik, Deeptha Achar