The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Issue - 1995

Special Section on Globality The Location of Cultures


Prafulla C. Kar and Anand P. Mavalankar

Columbus Runs Aground : Christmas Eve, 1492
Stephen Greenblatt

Locating Cultures and the Gamble of Composition :
Some Notes from Australia
Cathey Greenfield and Peter Williams

U. S. Postal Representations of
Cultural Authority During the Cold War
William Scheick

Break the Sentence, Then Break the Sequence :
Lesbian Biomythographies
Jaime Harker

" Auto-Ethnography : ' You Can Go Home Again ' "
Suzanne Evertsen Lundquist

Native American Women and Violence :
Fiction, Critical Perspectives and Narrative Transformations
Kenneth M. Roemer

India and Post-Colonial Discourse
Harish Trivedi


The Invisible Hand :
Structural Politics and the Undergraduate Curriculum
Tom Samet

Curriculum as Conversation
Arthur S. Williams

Freedom and Tyranny in Textual Editing :
The Pennsylvania Dreiser Edition
Stephen C. Brennan

From the Thirties and the Eighties :
The Disruptive Strategies of Olsen and Finley
Barbara Cantalupo

K. Narayana Chandran

Critical Exchange : Globality and the Location of Cultures
Anand P. Mavalankar, G.N. Devy, M. F. Salat, Babu Suthar