The Journal of Contemporary Thought
 Issue - 1996


Blasphemy and Heresy : The Modernist Challenge
Gauri Viswanathan

The Politics of Cultural Rejection : A Reading of Kennan's
" Containment " Essay
Dilip K. Das

Miscegenation and the Rhetoric of " Blood " in
Three Turn-of-the-Century African American Novels
Robert Nowatzki

Listening to the Mother's Voice in Toni Morrison's Jazz
Sarah Appleton Aguiar

Social Motherhood : Charlotte Perkins
Gilman and Feminist Politics
Naomi B. Zauderer


Special Section on Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Sura P. Rath

Rhetorical Device and Revision in Franklin D. Roosevelt's
Message to Congress, December 8, 1941
Elaine Smith

The Legacy of FDR and the Press
Betty Houchin Winfield

American Culture, Franklin Roosevelt, and the Winning of the NRA
Lane Crothers

Robert Quillen : A Conservative Critic of the New Deal
Marvin L. Cann

FDR and Postpolio Syndrome
Ronald Byrd


Curriculum Wars : Pragmatism as Truce
Steven R. Shelburne

The Ideology of Literary Criticism : The Case of Judgement,
Transcendence and Clerisy
R. Shashidhar