The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Issue - 1998
Special Number on Cultural Studies :
Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Global Intimacies in the Cultural Studies Classroom
Anna Neill

The Politics of Borrowing Theories in Postmodern and
Postcolonial Discourse and Theory
John Sumanth Muthyala

Trespassing across Disciplines : Cultural Studies and
the Poet-Historian after Susan Howe and Araki Yasudasa
M. L. Haber

Culture and Society : An Introduction to Raymond Williams
R. Shashidhar

Critical Theory and Urbanism : Recovering
the Interdesciplinary Perspective in Contemplating
the American City
Hugh Bartling

License, Enigma, Shock
Zoe Randall

"Unhomeliness" in Suleri's Meatless Days and
Ondaatje's Running in the Family
Shormishtha Panja

Narratives of Western History : Fabrication of a Discourse
Shelley Walia

Book Reviews
Helen Clare Taylor, Wilfred L. Guerin

Workshop Notes
Lajwanti Chatani