The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer  Issue - 2000


Representations of 'Class' in Left Writings on Indian Politics :
Notes on a Changing Discourse
Devesh Vijay

Recentering of the Poet and Postmodern Literary Theory
Ranjan Ghosh

Should Identities be Legitimised?
Alladi Uma

Ideological Conflict, Republican Decorum, and the Affairs of
State : Dialogue and Disagreement in Washington's First Cabinet
Alan Golden

Presidential Precedents Established During the Washington
Samuel B. Hoff

Modernity and the Nation-State in Regimes of Global
Kaushik Sunder Rajan

Can the Twilight Speak? Derek Walcott's Essays in Poetics
Amy Joanna Weintraub

Parsing Disperate Implications of Moral Equality : Drawing
on John Stuart Mill's Contrasting Views
Charles Lockhart

Assia Djebar's Fantasia as a Redemptive Narrative
Terry DeHay

The World Beyond the Book : Theory at the End of the
Kalidas Misra

Book Review
Deeptha Achar