The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Winter  Issue - 2000


The Future of the Past
Fred Dallmayr

Being under Erasure : Soundings on Some Heideggerian
Gaurav Desai

Criticism in India Now : Is Some Useful Work to Be Done ?
- J
ohn Oliver Perry

Punk : A Soliloquy
K. Narayana Chandran

The Self-Made Woman in Harlem : Space, Race and Gender
in Ann Petry's The Street
Mary Paniccia Carden

Genre of a Life and the Gender of Biography
Asma Rasheed

The Modernity of Thomas Jefferson's Jesus : Religion,
Narrative, and Politics in the American Enlightenment
Philip Dubuisson Castille

Workshop Notes
Parul Dave Mukherji and Santosh Kumar Dash

Book Reviews
-Terry G. Harris, Lynn Walford, Robert Colbert, Michael V. Leggiere,
Dilip K. Das

Notes on the Forthcoming Conference
Prafulla C. Kar & Anand P. Mavalankar

Notes on the Forthcoming Colloquium
Himansu S. Mahapatra & Prafulla C. Kar