The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer  Issue - 2001


Foucault's Sexual Ethics : The Critical Influence of Pater's
Aesthetics Theory and Practice
Michael Kramp

Outposts of Psychoanalysis
D. Venkat Rao

Walking Humbly With Your God : Jnaneshwar and the

Tocqueville's "Feminism in America" : A Reconsideration of
Women's Equality and Dignity
Colleen J. Shogan

A Very Notorious Ranch, Indeed : Fritz Lang, Allegory, and
the Holocaust
Wlater Metz

Gandhi in South Africa
Rohini Mokashi-Punekar

Messxican American Writers on Self-Made Women
Karin Ikas

Feminist Dialogics, Cultural Negotiations, and the
Reinvention of the Asian American Self
Qun Wang

Reviews Essay
Mohan Ramanan

Book Review
Johnette Hawkins McCrery