The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Winter Issue - 2002
Special Number Identities : Local and Global


Social Identity and Creative Praxis
Fred Dallmayr

Powerlines: The Discourse of Power in the Medical Chart
Clara Orban and Lorie Rosenblum

Post/Past-Orientalism:Orientalism and Its Dis/Reorientatioin
Sura P. Rath

Encountering the Cultural Aporia: Multiculturalism
as a Global/Local Cultural Nexus
Chung-Hsiung Lai

A Dialysis of Diasporan Difficulties
John Oliver Perry

Creolization and Diasporic Caribbean Identity
in Samuel Selvon's Moses Ascending
Chandrima Chakraborty

Of Rhymes and Rhythms:A Note on the Sociology
of Poetry
Dipak K Pal

Critical Exchange
M Sridhar/G.K.Subbarayudu

Book Review
Robert Colbert