The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer & Winter Issue - 2004



  Jefferson and the People's Government
Frank C. Shuffelton

  Jefferson and Rights of Men (and Women)
Donald W. Jackson and James W.  Riddlesperger, Jr.

   The Paradox in Jefferson's View on Race: Contrasts in Equality of Whites, Indians, and Blacks
Christopher B. Mann

  Jefferson's Wall v.  Moore's Monument
Ethan Fishman

 Jefferson and Supreme Court
Henry J. Abraham

  The Louisiana Purchase and Political Necessity
Jeremy D. Bailey

 Jefferson's "Empire of Equality"
James G. Wilson

 Jefferson at Peace and War: The Dilemma of Democratic Security
Christopher D. Van Alter

 Jefferson and Presidential Party Building
Daniel Galvin

 Jefferson as Party President: Uncertain Model
Byron W. Daynes & Kristin Baughman

 A Commoner Sage, A Littler Mountain and George Yoder, 1826-1920
Gary R. Freeze

 Book Reviews

 Conference Notes