The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Winter Issue - 2006




Actually Existing Colonialisms
Gaurav Desai


Puerto Rico The Disappeared: The World's Oldest Colony in the World's Youngest Empire
Jana Maria Giles


Traumatic Realism, Genealogy, and Ongoing U.S. Colonialism in Hawai'i
Susan Y. Najita


An Unsettled State of Mind: Manichean Political Flows and Academic Formulations in the Pacific
Seri I. Luangphinith


The Prophet Ward
Scott Richard Lyons


Walking on the Moon: The Last Settlers and the 'Disappearing' of the Palestinians
Stephen Gallagher


Writing the Nation: Formation and Transformation of National Consciousness in the Middle East
Abdel Karim Mohammad


Le Malentendu Colonial (2004): A Cinematic Reflection on the German

Colonial Legacy and Actually Existing Forms of Re-Colonialisms in Africa
Oliver J. Tchouaffe


The Rhetoric of Biocolonialism: Genomic Projects, Culture and the New Racisms
Promod K. Nayar