The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer Issue - 2007




The Ethical Posture of Post-Colonial Discourse in Said and in Gandhi
William P. Franke


Talking across Time: Postcolonial Challenges to Language, History,  and Difference
Vaidehi Ramanathan and Alastair Pennycook


Locating Gandhi in the History of Ideas
Jasbir Jain


"It is autonomous! That's a good one!"

Nation, Ego and Impasse in A Passage to India
T.J. Abraham


Art as Emancipation, or Truth and Community in Heidegger's Conception of Art
Karni Pal Bhati


Authority and Agency: Reading Kadare / Reading the State

- Bibhash Choudhury


Critical Exchange: "Actually Existing Colonialisms"
John Oliver Perry and Gaurav Desai


Ninth International Conference: A Report
Rachana Rao Umashankar