The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer Issue - 2008




Unmasking the Political: An Introduction
Lajwanti Chatani


The Concept of the Political: Between War and Peace
Fred Dallmayr


The Implosion of 'the Political'
Aditya Nigam


The Idea of Politics in International Relations
Shibashis Chatterjee


The Power of Superstition in Public Life in India
Dipesh Chakrabarty


The Politics of Hindu 'Tolerance'

- Rajeswari Sunder Rajan


Inhabiting the Political: Theorizing the Political Consciousness

of the Indian Subaltern
Omendra Kumar Singh


Revisiting Democracy's First Modern Executive:

The American Presidency
William D. Pederson


The President as Phronimos

- Ethan Fishman


Democratic Politics as a Presupposition of Identity Politics

- N. Sreekumar


Radical Liberalism and the Nature of Liberty

in John Milton's Late Political Overtures

- Prasanta Chakravarty


Book Review