The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Winter Issue - 2008




Beyond the State: Towards an Anarchist Theory

of Contemporary Social Movements
Jeffrey Shantz


Novel Desires: Re-Visiting the Emergence of the Genre in India
Sharon Pillai


Making Abnormality: Normalization of Discursive Gaze &

Technologies of the Self in "Paul's Case"
Hsin-Ju Kuo & Chung-Hsiung Lai


From Artists to Labourers: The Myth of Icarus in Ovid,

Bruegel and Auden
Pragyan Rath & Milind Malshe


Amitav Ghosh, Modernity and the Theory of the Novel
Bibhash Choudhury


Carnivalized Public Corruption: Old Feudalism and New

Democracy in All the King's Men, Wise Blood, and Raag Darbari

- Sura Prasad Rath


Critical Distances: The Principled Skepticism of

Leo Strauss & Judith Shklar

- Nicholas Buccola