The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer Issue - 2009




People in the Cathedral

- Sura P. Rath


Wither America? Reflections on the End of American Literature
Joseph G. Kronick


The Discipline of Leisure:

Humanities in an Age of Connectivity
Mohamed Mehdi


Bridging the "Two Cultures": A Renaissance Reinvention

- Raffaele Florio


Spandrels and the Institution of Evolutionary Biology:

Gould and the Third Culture
Curtis D. Carbonell


The Menace of Consilience:

Keeping the Disciplines Unreconciled

- Martin Jay


The Revenge of the Humanities

- Jyotirmaya Tripathy


Restoring Faith in the Humanities:

The Return of Religion?

- Richard Schaefer


On Silent Grounds: An Epistemological

Break with Althusser's Theory of Interpellation?

- Michael Marder