The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Winter Issue - 2009




Hind Swaraj: Hermeneutical Questions of Interpretation, Mythic

Construction, and Contemporary Relevance

- Douglas Allen


Gandhi's Multiple Masculinities:

Kshatriya, Brahmanical and Miraculous
Sanjeev Uprety


Constitution-Making and Political Safeguards for

Minorities: An Ideological Explanation
Rochana Bajpai


Historical and Experiential Postmodernism:

Native American and Euro-American

- R.J. Tudor


The Architectonics of Imperium and the

Synthetic-Analytic Distinction in Kant
Nandini Ramesh Sankar


Genre Theory, Catachresis, and the Fetish:

The Case of Canada

- J. Douglas Kneale


A Bakhtinian Perspective on Indian Classical Music

- Milind Malshe


Book Review: Theory After Derrida: Essays in Critical Praxis

- Sanjeev Uprety