The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer Issue - 20




Spatiality: Open Spaces, Closed Spaces,

Hybrid "Third" Spaces - An Introduction

- Sura P. Rath


Sidewalks of Desire: The Invention of Queer Space
Alla Ivanchikova


(I Am) Still Here - Performing Memory Using Mobile Devices

- Florina Catalina Florescu


Straddling Borders: The Hybrid Self in Sandra Cisneros's

Postmodern Thirdspace

- Theda Wrede


Why Translate?
R. Radhakrishnan


Signifying on the Margins: Jazz Improvisation in the

Urtban Third Space of Ann Petry's The Street and

Billie Holiday's Lady Sings the Blues

- Agnieszka Tuszynska


The Place of Love and War: Recovering History

and Genealogy in the Srilankan Diaspora in Ganeshananthan's

Love Marriage

- Krishna Manavalli


Subcultures of the American Hobo Redefining the Domestic

Sphere: Jim Tully's Beggars of Life: A Hobo Autobiography

- Shannon Lujan


Feminist Utopia (?): Space-Making and Other Possibilities

- Jyotirmaya Tripathy


The Consumer Has Been Added to Your Video Queue

- John Murray


Clarissa Dalloway Goes to New Mexico:

Mabel Dodge Luhan and the Modern Art of Space and Self

- Sarah Stoeckl