The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer Issue - 20





- R. Radhakrishnan


Speak Truth to Power

- Etienne Balibar


Speaking the Lie of the Truth of Power: A Meditation on the Truth of

Modernity by an Incorrigible Caviler

- William V. Spanos


The Black in the Cul-de-Sac: Afro-Pessimism as the Crisis of

Critical Theory

- Frank B. Wilderson, III


Speaking to No One

- Rei Terada


On the Subject of Yew Trees: Truth and Power in South African Fiction

- Stephen Clingman


Speaking Truth to Power in Anthropocene: Theory in the Age

of Climate Change

- Robert P. Marzec


Power as Freedom Beyond Will:

Hannah Arendt and Frantz Fanon

- Kalpana R. Seshadri


Spitting at Power: The Boom in Dalit Literature and

Questions of Agency

- S. Shankar


Double Speaking Splinters of Truth:

Towards a Feminist Poetics of Imperfection

- Giovanna Covi


The Illegal Human: Democracy In-Surgent

- Mina Karavanta


Black Rainbows: Militant White Women Writers,

Post-Racial Discourse, and the Stakes of Race, Class and

Gender in South Africa

- Tiffany Willoughby-Herard


Book Review


Notes on Contributors