The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer Issue - 20




Introduction: Crossing (the) Legacies

- D. Venkat Rao


Education and Structures of Moral Formation:

The Limits of Liberal Education in India

- Shashikala Srinivasan


Sites of Learning and Intellectual Parasitism:

The Case for New Humanities

- Vivek Dhareshwar


Modernity, Commonsense and Epistemological Crisis:

A Reading of Sripada Subrahmanya Sastri's Memoirs

- Bharani Kollipara


When Communalism is Not Religious Antagonism:

The Hidden Assumptions in The Colonial Conception

of Communalism

- Sufiya Pathan


Sacerdotal Violence and the Caste System:

The Long Shadow of Christian Orientalism

- Prakash Shah


Lingayat Tradition, Adhyatma and Caste:

How Bhakti Traditions Understand Caste

- Dunkin Jalki


River Literacy and the Challenge of a Rain Terrain

- Dilip da Cunha


Accents of Memory:

Critical Humanities and the Question of Inheritance

- D. Venkat Rao


Indian Culture and Its Social Security System

- S.N. Balagangadhara


Politics of Knowledge Here and Now:

A Conversation with Ashis Nandy

- Ashis Nandy / Ananya Vajpeyi


Notes on Contributors