The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer Issue - 20




South Asia and the Discourse of Western Modernity

- B.P. Giri


Resistance to Canon: Towards a New Approach to Sanskrit

Literary Theories

- Sreenath V.S.


(Ur)-Branding of the Shield of Achilles:

Rhetoric as Mediated Context

- Pragyan Rath


Spinning the Loom of Freedom: Gandhi and the Charkha

- Rashmi Tikku


Rethinking the Notion of Gaze and Male Hegemony

in Hindi Cinema

- Susmita Ghosh


Tech(k)no(w)logos: Hyper-Technology and Post-Humanism

- Silika Mohapatra


Authenticity, Right Relation and the Return of

the Repressed Native in James Galvin's The Meadow

- Ian K. Jensen


Of Seasons and Cloistered Spaces: Reading Allan Sealy's

The Everest Hotel

- Satish C. Aikant


'Objectifying' Jewish Consciousness: The 'Matter' of the Politics

of Antisemitism and Zionism in Howard Jacobson's

The Finkler Question

- Prakash Joshi


"Critical Theory is Most Useful When It is Critical"

An Interview with Simon Gikandi

- Simon Gikandi & Jyotirmoy Prodhani


Notes on Contributors