The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Winter Issue - 20




Philology and Reading the Past in a New Present

- Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht


Nationalism, Rhetoric, and Discursive Form

- Matthew deTar


Necropolitics and the Female Suicide Bomber:  Gender and the

Re-Presentation of Kashmir in Vishal Bhardwaj's "Haider"

- Anandi Rao


Beyond (Dis)enchantment: Paradoxes and Possibilities

of Democracy in the Works of Jacques Ranciere

- Bini B.S.


Sexual Difference as Strategic Undecidability:

A Derridean Exposition

- Rajlaxmi Ghosh


Looking Back at Emotions: Towards an Affective

Theory for the Self

- Sanghamitra Sadhu


Categorical Truth Versus Experimental Truths:

Interrogating Gandhi-Tagore Debate

- Nishikant Kolge


The Disappearing Presence of an Intimate Stranger:

Octavio Paz's Approach to India's Alterity

- Karni Pal Bhati


In Conversation with Walter Mignolo

- Narendra Kumar


Review Article: On Hegel's India: A Reinterpretation with Texts

- P.G. Jung


Notes on Contributors