The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Summer Issue - 20




Modernity and Postmodernity

- Fred Dallmayr


Feminism and/as Myth: Feminist Literary Theory between Frye and


- Barbara Godard


Fortunate Travelling: Location, Theory and Post-Colonial Identity

- Vivek Dhareshwar


Curriculum as Conversation

- Arthur S. Williams


Curriculum Wars: Pragmatism as Truce

- Steven R. Shelburne


Self-Consuming Art and Facts (Why the Novel Splatters)

- Robert Newman


Global Intimacies in the Cultural Studies Classroom

- Anna Neill


Home(s) Abroad: Diasporic Identities in Third Spaces

- Sura P. Rath


The Text as an Ethical Being: On Responsibility in Academic


- Anna Gilpin


Translation and Metissage

- Alexis Nouss


Aesthetics and Multiculturalism: Problems of Comparative Aesthetics

- Jale Nejdet Erzen


Subaltern Speech and Postcolonial Studies

- Suresh Raval


Out of Place: The Ecopoetics of Dislocation

- Jenny Morse


Translation and the Global South: Comparing Ngugi's Globalectics to

Glissant's Poetics

- Duncan McEachern Yoon


The Future of "Theory"

- Fred Dallmayr