The Journal of Contemporary Thought
Winter Issue - 20




Western Thought and Indian Thought: A Comparison

- Fred Dallmayr


On the Dialectics of Civilizations

- Hayward R. Alker, Jr.


Powerlines: The Discourse of Power in the Medical Chart

- Clara Orban & Lorie Rosenblum


Edward Said, Area Studies and Postcoloniality

- Gaurav Desai


Ethical Revisions of the Flesh: Irigaray with Merleau-Ponty

- Vicki kirby


Le Malentendu Colonial (2004)

A Cinematic Reflection on the German Colonial Legacy

and Actually Existing Forms of Re-Colonialisms in Africa

- Olivier J. Tchouaffe


The Ethical Posture of Post-Colonial Discourse in Said and in Gandhi

- William P. Franke


The Menace of Consilience: Keeping the Disciplines Unreconciled

- Martin Jay


On Silent Grounds:

An Epistemological Break with Althusser's Theory of Interpellation?

- Michael Marder


Statelessness and Nation-States:

Reflections on Conceptual (In)visibility

- Eric Mielants


Utopia, Counter-Utopia, Irony

- Gianni Vattimo


A Globalectial Imagination

- Ngugi Wa Thiong'o


Speaking the Lie of the Truth to Power:

A Meditation on the Truth of Modernity by an Incorrigible Caviler

- William V. Spanos


Speak Truth to Power

- Etienne Balibar