XX International Conference – Gopalpur on Sea

XX International Conference – Gopalpur on Sea
Inaugural Evening

The Twentieth International Conference of the Forum on Contemporary Theory was held in Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Gopalpur-on-Sea, Odisha from the 17th to the 20th of December 2017 in collaboration with the International Lincoln Centre for American Studies, Louisiana State University in Shreveport and The Princeton African Humanities Colloquium, Princeton University. The theme of the conference was: “The Humanities across Cultures.” In 1998 FCT’s first international conference was held in the same town. We returned not merely because of the pull of nostalgia but to mark and celebrate a distinct moment in FCT’s intellectual journey, accomplishments and its possible future.

The conference conveners were Prof. Simon Gikandi, Princeton University and Prof. Bishnu Mohaptra, FCT.  Prof. Gayatri Spivak delivered the inaugural address.  Keynote addresses were delivered by Simon gikandi, Princeton University and Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Stanford University.

The conference also hosted cultural events – a shadow puppet performance by the Ravan Chhaya Natya Sansad, Anugul, Odisha and Dancing the City a dance-theatre performance by Antara Collective, Bangalore.

Conference in session
Interactions at Conference: Prof. Gumbrecht with Prof. Paget Henry
Shadow Puppet Performance by the Ravan Chhaya Natya Sansad





Keynote address by Prof. Gumbrecht