Off the Page

Off the Page

FORUM ON CONTEMPORARY THEORY is collaborating with the ANJALI MEMORIAL COMMITTEE (as part of Nritya Parva 2018) to host a workshop in Public History And Performance.

OFF THE PAGE” will be facilitated by Sinead Cox and Arpita Bajpeyi from Staging Our Histories, a Canada-based public history collective from  11 am to 1 pm, FEBRUARY 9, 2018

About the workshop

Staging Our Histories (SOH), a Canada-based public history not-for-profit, was founded in 2014 by three young public historians to connect performing artists of diverse traditions with members of academia and the public. SOH puts diverse histories, voices and modes of performance in conversation with each other on the same stage, in front of a live audience. The conversations and shared themes that emerge from this format, unique to SOH,  are further engaged within talk-back sessions. At these events, history, memory and performance intersect, allowing participants to question collective memory and subvert dominant narratives.  SOH will facilitate a workshop at the FCT on February 10th, 2018. Two of the co-directors of SOH, Arpita Bajpeyi and Sinead Cox, will share the critical theory behind SOH, our process, and format. Our workshop will explore how praxis has informed our curatorial choices, as well as the critical and often political use of performance by the artists whose works we have featured, specific to a North American context. In so doing, we hope to share with the potential of performance for ‘doing’ history in an active and relevant fashion, by making  it accessible to audiences both within and without academic spaces.


Sinead Cox is a founding co-director of Staging Our Histories, and trained in Public History at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada and the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada with one year spent abroad at the University of Leeds, U.K. She is the Curator of Engagement & Dialogue at the Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol in Goderich, Ontario.



Arpita Bajpeyi trained in Public History from Carleton University, Ottawa. She is a founder and co-director of Staging Our Histories, a not-for-profit public history initiative. Her research interests explore the intersection of performance, performativity and history – particularly through kathak dance. Arpita is faculty at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.