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Dear Friends:

You will be happy to know that we have brought out the Summer 2017  number of the Journal. It is a retrospective issue containing select articles from some of the previous issues, from 1991 to 2015. This issue commemorates the 25th year of the publication of the Journal. The articles included here are arranged chronologically according to their years of publication. This chronology, which does not seem to have any logical basis, however tries to map theoretical and conceptual reflections in literary and cultural studies during this period. Most of the articles in this issue pertain to debates in literature departments all over the world.  We hope you will like this issue.  However, we will not be able to send you hard copies. If you are a member of FCT and want to possess a hard copy, please send to FCT a sum of rupees 400/ (Rupees four hundred only) either through direct bank transfer or a multi-city cheque in the name of Forum on Contemporary Theory.  We will be happy to mail you a soft copy if you mail us your email ID.

The following articles are included in this issue:

  1. “Modernity and Postmodernity” by Fred Dallmayr
  2. “Feminism and/as Myth: Feminist Literary Theory between Frye and Barthes” by Barbara Godard
  3. “Fortunate Travelling” Location, Theory and Post-Colonial Identity” by Vivek Dhareshwar
  4. “Curriculum as Conversation” by Arthur S. Williams
  5. “Curriculum Wars: Pragmatism as Truce” by Steven S. Shelburne
  6. “Self-Consuming Art and Facts (Why the Novel Splatters)” by Robert Newman
  7. “Global Intimacies in the Cultural Studies Classroom” by Anna Neill
  8. “Home(s) Abroad: Diasporic Identities in Third Spaces” by Sura P. Rath
  9. “The Text as an Ethical Being: On Responsibility in Academic Discourse” by Anna Gilpin
  10. “Translation as Metissage” by Alexis Nouss
  11. “Aesthetics and Multiculturalism: Problems of Comparative Aesthetics” by Jale Nejdet Erzen
  12. “Subaltern Speech and Postcolonial Studies” by Suresh Raval
  13. “Out of Place: The Ecopoetics of Dislocation” by Jenny Morse
  14. “Translation and the Global South: Comparing Ngugi’s Globalectics with Glissant’s Poetics” by Duncan McEachern Yoon
  15. “The Future of ‘Theory’” by Fred Dallmayr