pathways and ideas

FCT’s intellectual initiatives serve as new pathways for its research, scholarly exchanges, and publications.  The world we live in is fragmented yet interdependent, globalized yet asymmetrical, increasingly open yet partially opaque.   The thematic areas have emerged with a desire to broaden FCT’s vision, enhance its capacities, and expand its outreach as a response to the changing milieu in which it operates.   

We strongly believe that in order to address the global problems of climate change, ecological degradation, spiraling inequalities and growing violence, radical rethinking and new conceptual tools are needed. We believe that FCT will be strengthened by adopting a model of transformation that is anchored on the principles of continuity and change. FCT’s core activities in the coming years will be crafted around the key initiatives.

Global South Conversations

An initiative that engages scholars and creative writers to reflect on and critically engage with conceptual resources embodied in myriad practices in the Global South.  This is a significant turn in FCT’s work. During the past decade, it has diversified its theoretical orientations to include ideas, theories, experiential insights and life-worlds from regions and epistemic traditions outside the ‘West’. Focus on ‘theories of the Global South’ is not merely a shift in gaze from one geographical location to another, but a significant turn from singular ‘theories’ and hegemonic discourses to plural ways of thinking and knowing.

You can learn more about the programme here.

Studies in Bhasa Literature:  Reflections on Conceptual and Normative Resources

This line of work plumbs the depth of literary and cultural resources to identify enduring structures of knowing and feeling. We define literary and cultural resources broadly to include writings from Indian languages along with ‘epic’, ‘puranic’, and ‘folk’ imaginations. Such literary resources, we believe, offer conceptual tools for theoretical thinking embedded in real-life issues and problems.  We will place the accent largely on discovering and re-articulating epistemic frames embodied in Indian literature.

You can learn more about the programme here.

Studies in Performing Art Traditions and Embodiments

This line of work initiates interdisciplinary thinking on ‘performance’ and embodied cultural practices in India. Although FCT believes in a broader conception of the ‘humanities’, thus far its work has, for pragmatic reasons, centered on literature and theory.   Performing arts, a significant part of the humanities, offer another window into the world we inhabit. FCT intends to make an effort (at this juncture, still a modest one) towards bringing performing arts into its existing intellectual repertoire.

You can learn more about the programme here.