The Forum on Contemporary Theory is happy to begin the FCT Discussion Group 

Meetings every Wednesday, beginning 01.09.2018, from 4:00 pm

At the Conference Room, Forum on Contemporary Theory, C-304 Siddhi Vinayak Complex, Behind Baroda Railway Station (Alkapuri Side), Faramji Road,  Baroda-390 007 

Meetings are Open to All and Membership is Free 

What to Expect

Weekly critical, analytical, interpretive discussions on previously circulated (or screened) short texts: articles, reviews, films, songs, poems, fiction, decided by the group and moderated by the Academic Fellows of the Forum. 

Who Should Come

Anyone interested! There is no pre-requisite regarding qualifications (or age) to attend. While the discussions will be informed by critical theory, they will be introductory and focus on opening a conversation rather than delivering a lecture. If you are interested in watching and reading interesting pieces from around the world and India to discuss them, if you are curious, if you eventually want to study humanities but aren’t sure, if you are bored, and would like a conversation about something that might interest you, you should come. 

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FCT – Discussion Group
Session 1:
Date: August 31st , 2018
The FCT- Discussion Group began with the screening of the animated film Sita Sings the Blues, written
and directed by Nina Paley. The film is a narration of Ramayan through Sita’s perspective. The discussion
revolved around the notions of different narratives of Ramayan, the position of women, the multiple
layers at which a story exists and the visuals that are created in support of those narratives. It was
successful in creating a framework of questions that one needs to ask in order to understand any piece
of art or text.

Session 2:
Date: September 5th , 2018
This discussion focused on the word culture and the debates surrounding it. The entries on ‘Culture’ and
‘Popular’ from Raymond Williams’ Keywords were taken up for discussion. The debate on High and Low
Culture, the power dynamics behind categorizing and defining culture, exploring the middle ground, if
any, understanding the complexities in interpreting cultural text, were the few areas that the discussion
touched upon. The session ended with an exercise for the participants where the Bollywood song
“Chane Ke Khet Mein” was screened, and an attempt to interpret it in the context of the discussion, was

Session 3:
Date: September 12th , 2018:
The group attempted to understand the notion of ‘Self’ and ‘Subject’ to grapple with the terrains of
Identity. The poem, “Identity Card” by S. Joseph was read and discussed. This session attempted to lay
the ground work for debates around gender, caste, class, sexuality and similar subject positions that a
person is given and that one chooses to take.

Session 4:
Date: September 19th , 2018:

The FCT Discussion Group Welcomes You to an Open Screening and Discussion of … more

Session 5:
Date: September 25th , 2018:

The FCT Discussion Group Welcomes You… more

Session 6:
Date: October 4 , 2018:

The FCT Discussion Group Welcomes You… more

Session 7:

Date: October 10, 2018

The FCT Discussion Group Welcomes You… more

Session 8:

Date: October 17, 2018

The FCT Discussion Group Welcomes You… more

Session 9:

Date:October 24, 2018

The FCT Discussion Group Welcomes You… more